Pinion Veterinary Hospital - Nola's Fashion Parade

Today I need your help. I have a choice of two outfits for my next outing.  I am not sure which  color suits me best 

I have had  my 1st set of vaccines on the 10th of this month and it was not as bad as I thought.  Perhaps all the attention from the lovely women at the office helped.  But I digress.  Please let me know which outfit you like the most.








My name is NOLA. It stands for New Orleans, LouisianA, which is where my human mom and her partner come from. Sometimes they miss their home, family and friends which is why when they saw me I instantly became part of their family.

My mom works at Pinion Animal Hospital, which is why I will be part of everyone's life here.

My first visit was on September 27th.  I am still to young for my first vaccine so I just got a deworming treatment.

Mariah put me in her pocket which is why you cannot see all of my new outfit. I will make sure that you will see my clothes properly next time.

PS I am a boy