Pinion Brag Page

Pinion Brag Page


Charlotte has her Veterinary Technician in Training license!!!! Congratulations Charlotte!!!!



We won 2nd place in the Boehringer Ingelheim lip sync contest!!!!  Watch our Grammy worthy performances by going to the link below!




We have upgraded our seating in the hospital!! We try not to make you wait to long. Now while you are waiting you will have these nice cushioned seats.




May 2017 

We would like help celebrating our very own Miss Mariah Estes. She just recently passes her second semester of Veterinary Technician School. She is officially a licensed Veterinary Technician in Training!




Dr. Tiffani Thomas is now PennHIP certified! This means that she has taken a course and passed a test certifying that she has the skills, training and equipment to correctly and accurately perform the PennHIP procedure to submit for evaluation of hip dysplasia in canines.

 Mariah Estes LVTIT has also completed her PennHIP Certification

Rebecca Gundlach and Ashley Schongar are PennHIP Certified now too!



Mickey & Fifi

Meet our clients Mickey and Fifi! They both have just recently become International Champions!!! Congratulations you two!!!