Diagnostic Imaging

In an effort to provide your pet with superior medical care, we perform diagnostic imaging services to supplement prognosis. Medical imaging employs the use of machinery to give photographic representation of abnormalities or injuries.  In performing diagnostic imaging, our veterinarians can provide safe, accurate diagnosis and promptly treat the problem.

Reasons for diagnostic imaging: 

  • Assess facial swelling and dental problems
  • Detect possible bladder infections
  • Determine the location of broken bones or bone fractures
  • Evaluate the status of a pet’s pregnancy
  • Help identify if a pet has heart disease
  • Locate foreign bodies that a pet might have swallowed

Digital X-rays -  Our office utilizes digital X-rays because they are more accurate and display a higher contrast. Because of their accuracy, technicians are able to take fewer images resulting in less pet discomfort.  Digital X-rays also project less radiation than traditional X-rays, which allows your pet to avoid unnecessary exposure.

The process for getting images of your pet depends on what type of diagnostic that is being performed and the size of your pet.  Images are often taken with the pet lying down in various positions that allow our veterinarians to see and examine the problem area.

Pets with a disease or condition often feel increased anxiety and stress. Because of this stress, they can be uncooperative during digital imaging procedures.  In these situations, our staff patiently tries to make your pet feel comfortable and guide them to cooperate.  If a pet is aggressive or remains unwilling the veterinarian may opt to mildly sedate your pet while performing diagnostic imaging.  Also, for some tests require a pet to be absolutely still, while anesthesia is typically administered.

We know that you like to be with your pet during a injury, however the laws in the State of Nevada do not permit individuals without  issued x-ray badges to be present in the room while images are being taken.  Please bear with us because we respect  the laws of our state.

If you have any questions about digital imaging services, please feel free to contact our office.