Reducing The Stress

Here at Pinion Veterinary Hospital, we try to make your pet's visit as stress-free as possible. As soon as you enter our reception area, we offer pheromone infused towels and bandannas for a calming effect for dogs and cats. Kitty towels are infused with a pheromone called Feliway, and dog bandannas are infused with a pheromone called Adaptil. The two pheromones mimic the pheromones mom releases when they are puppies and kittens, creating a calming effect and reducing anxiety. Simply place one of our towels on your cat carrier or bandanna around your dog's neck!

You'll notice these signs in our reception area!


Does your pet do anything for a treat! For those treat driven fur kids, we have a variety of canine delicacies to help make the vet visit as positive as possible. Of course, we have our house standard treat, Hills T/D. T/D has been in our exam rooms and reception area for years! T/D is a large, crunchy treat made with a special fiber matrix that is proven to scrub teeth up to the gum line. For those nervous pets that won't always take a treat while at the vet, we bribe those pets with squeeze cheese! That's right! The good old fashioned squeeze cheese from the can! Dogs love it! Have a dog with allergies? We have special treats for you too, mini marshmallows! Marshmallows are wheat, soy, dairy, and meat free!

Peanut Butter, Cheese, Whipped Cream, and Marshmallows

 Tips For Reducing The Stress