Our Practice

Mission Statement

No phenomenon more clearly defines our humanity than our historical relationship with our pet companions. The doctors and staff here strive to honor this with each pet that comes through our doors. Beyond the provision of the best possible health care for your pets, we are here to be their advocate; a voice to help you understand their unique needs. Together, we will work to provide them that which they richly deserve: the opportunity for a wonderful life in your loving home. 

William L. Davenport, D.V.M.

Pet Wellness 

Our high standards and training enable us to provide the care that your pet deserves.  We know trusting your pet’s health with a stranger can be difficult, which is why we make our best effort to get to know you, our pet parents, and patients on a more personal level.  We recognize the changes that happen as your pet matures and focus on preventative care to ensure they have the best life possible.  When needed we use diagnostic imaging along with in-house and external laboratory services to provide pet parents with an accurate diagnosis.


As a veterinary practice, we know that by providing our pet parents with a thorough understanding of numerous pet conditions, we are permitting them to make informed decisions regarding their pet’s health. Through comprehensive exams along with laboratory diagnosis and imaging services, we can answer your concerns about your pet’s health and purpose with sound solutions.

A Positive Experience

Our veterinary office focuses on treating the issue at hand but does not neglect additional health concerns a pet may be exhibiting. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is here to provide your pet with a positive experience while making the experience professional and enjoyable for you. 

If your pet is overdue for its annual wellness exam, schedule an appointment today. Catching medical concerns before they develop opens your pet up to further treatment options that could save their life!

We greatly appreciate your continued patience with us during these difficult times. Here's a video explaining the nationwide issues veterinarians, including Pinion, are experiencing.